Immerse yourself in an exciting range of activities.

Cambridge Immerse truly provides an immersive experience of university life. You will, not only, discover and further your academic interests but also delve into the exciting and often fascinating spectrum of cultural activities available in Cambridge. The summer school activities organised as part of the Cambridge Immerse programme include:

  • Visits to the famous King’s College Chapel and university colleges. Engage with the city’s illustrious past and reputation as a centre of academic excellence.
  • A summer’s afternoon punting down the River Cam, a quintessential Cambridge affair
  • A croquet tournament; have fun whilst learning the ins and outs of Cambridge students’ favourite summer pastime
  • Formal dining in Cambridge’s famous medieval banquet halls
  • Debate workshops and live debating sessions, where students can develop their oratory skills
  • Fascinating and well-respected guest speakers from politicians to philosophers
  • Evening entertainment includes visits to Cambridge’s plays, such as the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival
  • Private Study Sessions for students to deepen their understanding of their chosen subject
  • 2 coach excursions including a trip to Oxford

Favourite activities at Cambridge Immerse

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