Unrivalled Support System

Cambridge Immerse provides an unparalleled educational experience in Cambridge University colleges for participants aged from 13 to 18 years old. Tutorials and seminars are taught by highly regarded tutors in an optimal learning environment that stimulates academic enquiry; yet the carefully planned schedule ensures that the programme not only meets the academic needs of the participants, but also provides a unique insight into the university city through an abundance of extracurricular activities and leadership experiences.

We place great importance on providing a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for our participants, and our responsible and qualified staff are there to ensure that all participants are able to thrive. Students are supervised by our Cambridge summer school staff made up of experienced on-site Programme Manager and a team of ‘Mentors’ who are a team of trained undergraduates from Cambridge University. All accommodation sites are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We offer participants a choice of a range of subjects, from the arts to the sciences. All the subjects taught at Cambridge Immerse are taught by tutors who are current or previous members of Oxford University or Cambridge University, and have tutored undergraduate students. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that all students are taught by tutors who are engaging and supportive – and most of all, enthusiastic to share their expertise. Our Cambridge summer school teaching is of the highest quality.

Our philosophy is that our participants should be challenged with interesting academic concepts; whilst our tutors create a welcoming and supportive environment in which our participants feel comfortable and thrive.

To view more about our staff, visit our academic staff ‘Focus’ page

Each Cambridge Immerse Campus has an Onsite Programme Manager who manages the onsite Mentor Team and oversees the organisation and execution of academic classes and social activities.  The Programme Manager is an experienced individual who will be there to answer any queries participants or parents might have.

We place a huge emphasis on creating a supportive and approachable environment at Cambridge Immerse. Our mentors are a team of friendly, specially trained graduates and undergraduates from Cambridge University or Oxford University, who help our participants quickly settle into the programme. The mentors have first hand experience with a variety of academic and non-academic issues and are therefore in the best position to offer friendly, confidential one-to-one advice. It’s an unrivalled support network that we’re incredibly proud of.

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During the programme, participants are treated to lectures by a series of well-known and well-respected speakers. From politicians to philosophers, the speaker lecture series at Cambridge Immerse is an opportunity for students to gain insights into topics not often on the school syllabus.

Testimonial: the summer mentor team at Cambridge Immerse

Our mentors are current or past undergraduates from Cambridge and Oxford University. They are a friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and supportive group who are on hand to answer any questions and solve any issues you might have. Want to know more about what our summer mentor team mean to the participants? Hear testimonials about our Cambridge summer school staff from past participants.

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