We place a huge emphasis on creating a supportive and approachable environment at Cambridge Immerse. Our mentors are a team of friendly, specially trained graduates and undergraduates from Cambridge University or Oxford University, who help our participants quickly settle into the programme. The mentors have first hand experience with a variety of academic and non-academic issues and are therefore in the best position to offer friendly, confidential one-to-one advice. It’s an unrivalled support network that we’re incredibly proud of. You will be able to book appointments / consultations with the mentors during your programme.

Programme Director


Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University

Thomas has an extensive academic history and is a two times published author. Having studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, he then  went on to achieve an MA in theological studies from Regent College in Vancouver and a B.Ed from The University of British Columbia. Currently he is a Fellow at Royal Society of Arts.

Thomas has an impressive work history having previously had roles within the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office and The American Interest for Walter Russell Mead. When Thomas is not working he enjoys The American Interest for Walter Russell Mead.

Economics Mentor


King’s College, Cambridge University

My name is Fiona, I’m studying Economics at King’s! One of my favourite things to do is to go running. I enjoy cooking and baking, especially chocolatey treats. My favourite book is the Perks of Being a Wallflower. I generally like to read books that have been made into films, so I can enjoy the story twice. I also like to watch foreign films, but my favourite film is The Dark Knight Rises and I really enjoy superhero movies. I can’t wait to meet my mentee family!

Physics Mentor


Queen’s College, Oxford University

I’m 21, live in southwest London and am a second year physics student at The Queen’s College Oxford. My favourite things to do whilst at University include hanging out in university parks with my friends, playing college sport and, more recently, trying my hand at powerlifting. Aside from these things, I’m really into my music (my favourite artists are Kanye West and The Beatles), spend a lot of my downtime looking at memes, and have an unhealthy obsession with yoghurt. If you have any questions or need any help with absolutely anything during your stay in Cambridge, feel free to approach me and I’ll do the best I can to give you an answer/help out!

HSPS Mentor


Newnham College, Cambridge University

I am a second-year Human, Social and Political Sciences student at Newnham College. The best part of studying HSPS is the course’s versatility. Not only do I study Politics, but I also have the opportunity to study subjects such as International Relations and Sociology. In my first year, I also took a Social Anthropology paper. Furthermore, the course is constantly adapting to the changes that unfold in the political world around us. Academics aside, I enjoy sports. I am a keen runner and a member of Newnham’s netball team. I also blog for the college’s Feminist society, and run access events for prospective students. This February, I led a Q&A session on what it was like to be a Human, Social and Political Sciences student for current applicants. My aim was to dispel myths of exclusivity and reassure students of Cambridge’s accessibility from all backgrounds. Finally, I was the 2018 University Charity Fashion Show representative for Newnham College. This involved promoting the event in person and on social media, as well as securing ticket sales.

Medicine Mentor


Gonville and Caius, Cambridge University

Hey guys! I’m Gopija and I’m a 2nd year medic at Gonville and Caius College (potentially the college with the weirdest name?!). I’ve absolutely loved the time I’ve spent in Cambridge so far and even when the academic side of life here gets tough there’s always something fun to do to so I can clear my mind. From spending mornings handling about 10 different brains in the dissection room, to lunch breaks with friends at hipster cafes, to afternoons spent looking at bacterial cultures from our own cheeks, life as a medic never gets dull! Cambridge is beautiful and even wandering around the quaint streets in the sun is enough to boost my mood. In my free time I enjoy running by the river (and laughing at the rowers), reading obscure articles on BBC news, and catching up with friends. Being invited to formal dinners at other colleges or ‘swaps’ with other societies is something I especially look forward to. I can’t wait to meet you all and show you all of my favourite places in Cambridge- get ready for the best 2 weeks of your Summer!!

Human, Social, Political Sciences Mentor


Churchill, Cambridge University

Hey mentees! My name is Emilia, and I just graduated from Cambridge in June. I studied Human, Social and Political Sciences, with a particular focus on Politics and International Relations. I was at Churchill College (the best college), and I had three absolutely amazing years at this university. I also attended Cambridge Immerse myself in the summer of 2014 before I applied to university, so if you have any questions at all relating to the programme or Cambridge as a university do not hesitate to ask.

In terms of hobbies, I have always enjoyed sports and I played for my college netball team, but I have also competed in football, volleyball and skiing when I was younger. I love travelling, and I have lived abroad since I was 10 years old. I am half Swedish, half Finnish, and went to an international school in Switzerland before I came to study at university in the UK.

I hope you’re excited to be here in Cambridge, and I guarantee you’ll have an amazing time.

English Literature Mentor


Gonville and Caius, Cambridge University

I’m Eliza, and I’m at the end of my first year studying English Literature at Gonville and Caius. Although the course has been challenging, it is really rewarding; I have enjoyed developing new ways of thinking and analysis and learning how to apply them to all types of literature. In my spare time I am on the University Dance Team for tap, contemporary and ballet. This is so much fun; meeting for classes and rehearsals each week and competing against other unis, has given me so many new friends and it is the perfect break from work! I also enjoy playing the piano, playing netball and going to see student theatre! I am the freshers’ rep for Caius, so I represent my year and am the contact point for prospective students; I will be running freshers’ week for the next intake! Having a role on the JCR is a great way to become really involved in college life, and it’s interesting seeing, and having a say in, the college and the uni ‘behind the scenes’. My favourite part of my first year so far has been relaxing with my friends on sunny days and evenings, on the grass or by the river; Cambridge is really beautiful when the sun shines!

Law Mentor


Gonville and Caius, Cambridge University

Hi, I’m Shefali! I’m a second-year law student at Gonville and Caius College. This year, I take five papers which range from exploring the depths of family law to discussing theories and opinion regarding the penal system. Studying at Cambridge is a great way to exploit so many opportunities from getting involved in societies to attending talks. In my first year I was the Publicity Officer for the Gonville and Caius Students’ Union where I managed social media, sent out a weekly newsletter and, organised University Challenge trials. In this past year, I have been college rep for Pink Week which raises awareness and money for breast cancer, in addition to a Publicity Co-ordinator for Cambridge RAG (Raising and Giving), a university-wide charity organisation publicising events such as blind dates, auctions and club nights. Some of my favourite things include napping (I nap a lot), travelling, hosting quizzes, telling dad jokes and a good Netflix binge! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer!

English Literature Mentor


Gonville and Caius, Cambridge University

Hey! My name’s Reiss and I am a second year student at Gonville & Caius College. I study English Literature and recently completed a dissertation discussing whether or not the digital platform liberates or restricts creative control in literature. In my time at Cambridge I’ve loved getting involved in lots of stuff and have done a lot of exciting work as the previous Freshers’ Representative and now President of my college. I am also the current Vice President of the University Pakistan Society and have been involved in great projects such as the 2018 University Charity Fashion Show, so I like to think I can offer some advice on the breadth and width of potential this University has for students from all walks of life! If you want to know anything at all, do not hesitate at all to get in touch with me on the course!

Mathematics Mentor


Downing, Cambridge University

Hey all! I’m Leo, and I’ll be your mentor for the school. I’ve just finished my fourth year studying mathematics, specialising in Fluid Dynamics. I’ve had a rollercoaster time in Cambridge and I’ll love to tell you about it! I’m at Downing, a mid-sized college with large green spaces a strong sporting community. It’s close to the city centre but off the tourist trail, and on a street full of restaurants. I do university gymnastics and trampoline, representing both in the annual Varsity competition against Oxford, which we won this year! I organised acrobatic performances at May Balls (fancy parties that happen at the end of exams), which I never did before but found an amazing experience. I also tried rowing, netball, basketball and boxing, so you could say I’ve gotten the most out of Cambridge! My favourite thing about Cambridge is the post-exam period where you get to relax with your mates and take in the beautiful city. It’s a whole different world once your studies have finished. Feel free to ask me anything about uni life. From studying, to sports, to what you can do in the City, I’ll be sure to help you out!

Natural Sciences Mentor


Downing College, Cambridge University

Hi, I’m Henry and I’m looking forward to welcoming you to Cambridge this summer. I’m just finishing my second year here studying natural sciences, having specialised into Physics this year. I’m at Churchill College which is one of the so called ‘hill colleges’, a collection of three colleges located a short walk outside the busy city centre. My college has a strong focus on the sciences admitting 70% scientists and 30% artists. This along with the near location to the science departments at West Cambridge make it a great college for science subjects, but we also have a lot of arts students too. I feel the friendly, more relaxed atmosphere we get by living slightly outside the city centre makes it a really lovely place to live and study. Studying is of course very intense here in Cambridge, however my experience of the course has been very good and has made me only more interested in my subject. Outside of the academics there’s so much you can do here too. During my time I’ve rowed and played rugby for my college which is a lot of fun especially getting to compete against other colleges. Cambridge is a beautiful town especially in the summer and I’m excited to show you everything it has to offer soon!

Philosophy Mentor


St John’s, Cambridge University

Hi, I’m Joe, I study Philosophy and I’m in my third and final year at St. John’s College. I come from a small town in the Midlands, called Warwick, which has a great castle to visit if you’re ever passing through. I am hoping to continue my studies next year with a Philosophy Masters in Germany, although I don’t speak a single word of German. I enjoy hiking and have been fortunate enough in previous years to have had a trek around the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal funded by the college. This summer I hope to receive funding to trek the length of Corsica before I begin as an Immerse mentor! Over my years at the University I have played in the Cuppers rugby tournament for my college and captained the University MMA team. As an avid snowboarder, I have also worked as a college rep for the University ski trip.

Architecture Mentor


Homerton, Cambridge University

I am a postgraduate student reading architecture at Homerton College. Although my research interests are in rural buildings and greenspace design, I’ve always been astounded by the beauty of Cambridge and the seamless blend between historic buildings and open spaces, and since 2017 I’ve had the pleasure to study here. I recently completed my RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Part I placement working for Sir Terry Farrell, in which I worked on numerous masterplans including the environmental vision for Gatwick Airport, Albert Island, the London National Park City and many architectural developments in Central London. Amongst other things in 2016, RIBA awarded me the RIBA Degree Branch Prize, and a nomination for the RIBA Bronze President’s Medal, following the completion of my BA in another historic English city, Canterbury. I’m very passionate about the environment and love being outdoors hiking, drawing, painting, camping, running, and punting, but perhaps most of all, venturing round the local Cambridge cafes in search of the most delicious cake. I very much look forward to meeting this year’s students and showing them the inside awes of Cambridge.

Architecture Mentor


Queens’ College, Cambridge University

I’m a graduate student studying Architecture at Queens’ College. I previously studied undergraduate Architecture at the University of Bath, which is another beautiful historic city. Cambridge is one of the two oldest universities in the world (we won’t mention the oldest) and Queens’ is one of the most historic colleges. Although Queens’ wasn’t the first college in Cambridge, it does have the oldest building: most other colleges were rebuilt over the centuries, but Queens’ Old Court remains as it was originally built in 1448. I’m studying the city of Venice, in Italy, for my masters degree at Cambridge. Aside from being one of the most iconic cities in the world, Venice is one of the few global cities that is not planned around the car, making it a fascinating prototype for the way that we live in cities today. I love learning about history and design and I’m passionate about understanding the way we view our landscapes, cities, and buildings. I’m so excited to show people around this awesome city! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried an English cream tea and you can’t beat a sunny afternoon punting along the Cam.

Veterinary Medicine Mentor


Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University

Hi, my name is Lilly and I’m a third year Veterinary Medicine student at Gonville and Caius College. My hobbies include football, horse riding and cooking. I like to travel and my favourite cities are Rome and Boston! I can’t wait to meet you all this summer!

Mathematics Mentor


Churchill College, Cambridge University

Hi I’m Jack, I’m in my 2nd year studying maths at Churchill College, and I’ll be your residential mentor at Immerse this summer! This short profile is just to introduce myself to you, and tell you a few things about me before we meet. My favorite hobby is playing football – I currently play for and am the president of my college team, and other than that I also love to spend (often too much) time watching films. I also grew up in Cambridge, so I’m very familiar with the city so hopefully I can tell you some interesting things about the city, and won’t get too lost. I’m studying mostly applied maths, and am very interested in the ethics of maths. In my spare time if I’m not binge watching a some tv show, I like to take in some student comedy and theatre, in which Cambridge has a lot of quality productions. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and having a great time with you in Cambridge this summer!

Economics Mentor


Pembroke College, Cambridge University

Hi! My name is Amber and I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you! I’m in my first year studying Economics at Pembroke College, Cambridge. The reason I chose to apply to study Economics at Cambridge was because I loved the breadth of knowledge I knew the course would give me through the five modules of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics and Statistics, Politics and British Economic History. I would probably say that my favourite out of these modules is Economic History. This quite surprised me as I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I do but it gives me a chance to apply macroeconomic (and some microeconomic) modules in a real world context. Outside of studying, I am a keen archer and part of the Sign Language Society committee, as well as, more recently, kayaking down the Cam river in the warmer weather. Other than these activities, my favourite things to do in Cambridge involve exploring the city and relaxing with friends.

Natural Sciences Mentor


Trinity College, Cambridge University

Hi, my name is Jiri but friends call me Jirka. I come from the Czech Republic where I spent my whole life before coming to Cambridge so I’m one of those “pure” foreign students. I’m currently finishing 3rd year of the Natural Sciences course – specialising in Physics – and I’m planning to stay on for another year to obtain Master’s degree. My home during term time is the one and only Trinity College – the best, most beautiful and richest of them all. No, I’m just kidding! I’m sure that we will touch on this once you are all here but there is a friendly rivalry among all the colleges. Although in the end they are all really nice and each has its own history, atmosphere and secret places. When I’m not studying you can most probably find me somewhere out running or in the Uni Sports Centre. I play for the Volleyball Blues Team – we will talk about what “Blues” means later on – which takes up lot of my free time. In the rest I just like to relax, maybe read a non-scientific book or take my camera out for a walk. But that’s enough about me. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all in July!

Medicine Mentor


Robinson College, Cambridge University

Hi! I’m Emma studying Medicine at Robinson college and I hope I can help you get the most out of this fantastic course. A bit about myself – I love kayaking, Marvel, cats and chocolate. Medicine is an intense course, but incredibly academically stimulating and rewarding. Despite this I still make time to indulge in hobbies – I play netball, go to various exciting talks, and maintain a science related blog. I love trying new activities, of which learning to skydive is one. Unlike most at Cambridge I took a gap year before starting the course, during which I worked as a private tutor for GCSE and A level sciences and travelled around Europe to relax before undertaking the next 6 years of studying. I am super friendly and approachable, so if you have any questions about university life at Cambridge, the medicine course or any other burning curiosities then ask away!

Human, Social, Political Sciences Mentor


Churchill College, Cambridge University

My name is Arthur, I am twenty years old and in my second year studying Human, Social and Political Sciences at Churchill College, having specialised in Politics and International Relations. I’m from Frankfurt, Germany, where I grew up and still live outside term time. Over the years I have spent quite some time here in the UK, first arriving when I was 13 as part of a summer school to later finishing the last two years of school and my IB here in England. I am very interested in travelling and spent four months working for an NGO in India before coming to Cambridge. My other interests are mainly sports-based, playing Rugby, Tennis and Football.

Medicine Mentor


Downing College, Cambridge University

Hi, my name is Maddi and I study Medicine at Downing College. I wanted to do medicine from the age of 8, and was very excited to come to Cambridge. I’m now in my second year and I am really enjoying it! When I was at school, I did a lot of ballet dancing and played rugby. At university, I do ballroom and latin dance as part of the University team, which takes up most of my time, but I also occasionally play college level netball and lacrosse. In first year I also rowed for Downing. One of my favourite things to do in Cambridge is go on walks by the river or one of the many parks. I also enjoy trying new places to eat and visiting my friends’ colleges. I am really excited to meet you and to help you get to know Cambridge life, and to show you around this lovely city!

Physical Natural Sciences Mentor


Downing College, Cambridge University

Hi Everyone, I’m James and I study Physical Natural Sciences at Downing College, Cambridge. I also have a interest in a wide variety of other activities including; rugby, football, tennis, cricket, drama and music. I believe that Cambridge is a great place to study, offering some of the best education in the world along with a great student lifestyle. If you have any questions regarding applications or life at Cambridge, do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to meeting you all soon. Best wishes, James

Natural Sciences Mentor


Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University

Hey, I’m Josh, a second year Biological natural scientist. More specifically, I study Neuroscience, Animal behaviour and Chemistry; weird combination I know. I’m at Sidney Sussex college – definitely the best central college. My main hobbies are sport, theatre and cooking. I’m a big racket sports player, but I’m interested in pretty much every sport – except dressage. I’ve been doing drama for quite a few years and I love both performing and watching it. Cooking is a more recent hobby, mainly as a result of having to cook for myself to survive at Uni, but it’s actually just a great way to destress – especially watching endless Gordon Ramsey videos). I’m also a pretty big TV and film watcher – you name it, I’ll most likely have seen it. My favourite thing about Cambridge, which hopefully you’ll also be able to experience, is Cambridge in the sun. The vibes, the people, the punting and the city are all incredible.

Theology & Philosophy Mentor


Newnham College, Cambridge University

Hello and welcome to Cambridge! I have just completed my second year of studying Theology, Philosophy and Religion at Newnham college, an all-girls college famous for its beautiful gardens. While at Cambridge I have gotten involved in various extra-curricular activities, including playing for my college’s lacrosse team on the weekends. I have also done the stage design for two student plays in the University theatre and am a blog writer for Newnham College Feminist Society. I took a gap year before university to travel and applied for university post-A level. I hope you enjoy your time here in Cambridge with us and that you get a sense of student life at the University!

Human, Social and Political Sciences Mentor


Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge University

Hello! I’m Nwla, and I study Biological Anthropology (HSPS) at Gonville & Caius College. I’m in my third year now but am planning on continuing at Cambridge to do a fourth year in Management. I’m so excited to have been selected as a mentor and I can’t wait for you to experience the Cambridge I know and love. Get ready for beautiful buildings, punting and some solid hard work! Some of my favourite things include running, swimming in the sea and reading (for fun, not for study!). I take part in lots of charity work at university, having climbed Kilimanjaro last year for school farming projects last year. I can’t wait for a summer of fun at Immerse!

Geography Mentor


Downing College, Cambridge University

Hi, I’m Dan! I’m a first year Geographer at Downing College. I have a strong preference for Physical Geography, but I am very interested in the Human side too. I really enjoy acting, climbing and running, which is lucky because Downing is situated in (what I believe to be) the best part of Cambridge, so I am able to go for a run in the countryside in a matter of minutes! I love taking part in the weekly quiz, which we hold in the Downing JCR every Monday, it’s always a good finish to a day’s work and nice way to hang out with friends. On top of this, I play for the Downing Mixed Lacrosse Team every Sunday, which is really relaxed and enjoyable and gets you up on a Sunday morning! I really enjoy spending time in Cambridge and in Downing in particular. It’s a beautiful city, which is big enough to always have things to do, and small enough to bump into friends.

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