Exceptional teaching



“an unparalleled learning experience, allowing me to develop an insightful and creative response to the topics covered…it has left me inspired and motivated to reach my full potential”


– Caitlin Addison, Previous Participant

[/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]We offer participants a choice of a range of subjects, from the arts to the sciences. All the subjects taught at Cambridge Immerse are taught by highly regarded tutors, all of whom are either current or past tutors or postgraduate members of Cambridge University or Oxford University. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that all students are taught not only by the most competent and knowledgeable tutors in their discipline, but also that the tutors are engaging and supportive.

Participants are encouraged to delve into and explore the current debates and issues within their chosen discipline in carefully planned tutorials that emulate the unique Oxbridge system of tutor-student engagement and debate; an approach that goes beyond the superficial and provides unique insights that are both refreshing and intellectually stimulating. [/three_fifth_last]

[two_third]What is certain is that you will emerge undoubtedly far more confident and knowledgeable in your chosen discipline, tackling challenging yet interesting topics that we hope will further your academic passions. Subjects that we offer include:

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[list_item]Philosophy[/list_item][/list][/one_third_last]Visit our subjects page to view the full range of subjects that we offer.





Extracurricular diversity



“the excursions and activities were interesting and so much fun, providing a real taste of student life in Cambridge”


– Cho, Previous Participant

[/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]Cambridge Immerse truly provides an immersive experience of university life; not only will you discover and further your academic interests, you will also delve into the exciting and often fascinating spectrum of cultural activities available in Cambridge. The opportunity to experience daily organised excursions also allows the chance to meet like-minded peers from a diverse range of backgrounds and to quickly familiarise yourself with the city.[/three_fifth_last]

[two_third]Activities organised as part of the programme include:

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[list_item]A summer’s afternoon punting down the River Cam, a quintessential Cambridge affair[/list_item]

[list_item]A day trip to Oxford, the home of Cambridge University’s arch ‘rival’[/list_item]

[list_item]Formal dining in Cambridge’s famous medieval banquet halls[/list_item][/list]Visit our activities page to view the full range of subjects that we offer.






[two_fifth]A Typical Day


[three_fifth_last]The Cambridge Immerse schedule is packed with a wide range of unique academic and extracurricular activities.

Participants start off the day with breakfast in the main college dining hall, with a wide spread of continental and hot breakfast choices available. This is followed by the first academic session of the day, which takes place in a seminar format. Participants are then guided to lunch at some of Cambridge’s delicious sandwich bars and cafés, and are welcome to explore the city in small groups. After lunch, academic sessions continue in the format of small tutorial groups or workshops. After all the core academic sessions are finished, students are treated to one of a wide range of excursions and cultural activities, including punting, museum visits and sports activities. A three course dinner in the college dining hall is then followed by an evening social event to help participants wind down and socialise after a packed day.

The timetable shown to the side offers an insight into the typical daily schedule, although this may vary depending on the events planned on the given day.



Unrivalled pastoral care



“…they become your friends. They’re so approachable and supportive, willing to share advice and insights about their experience”


– Lily El, Previous Participant

[/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]We place a huge emphasis on creating a supportive and approachable environment at Cambridge Immerse. Our mentors are a team of friendly, specially trained graduates and undergraduates from Cambridge University who not help participants quickly settle into the programme. The mentors have first hand experience with a variety of academic and non-academic issues and are therefore in the best position to  offer friendly, confidential one-to-one advice. It’s an unrivalled support network that we’re incredibly proud of.[/three_fifth_last]

[two_third]Each participant is also assigned a mentor, who are enthusiastic to help participants to help create a ‘home away from home’.[/two_third]





[two_third]Cambridge Immerse takes place in one of Cambridge University’s most stunning and historic centrally located colleges. To find out which college you will be accommodated in, contact us.

All participants will be accommodated in their own individual bedrooms, equipped with high speed internet access. Corridors or staircases separate male and female students, and bathrooms are shared between just a few participants. Visit our ‘Campus’ page for further information.





Practical Information

Travel Information: The fee for Cambridge Immerse is not inclusive of travel to Cambridge. There are several transport options available, including arriving in Cambridge by rail, coach or flight. One of team members will be able to assist you in making any necessary transport arrangements for your safe arrival in Cambridge, including helping to make arrangements for airport transfers if you are an international participant.

Medical and Dietary Requirements: We are able to cater for most dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, nut allergies, halal, kosher); please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure if we can cater for your dietary requirements. Breakfast and evening meals are included in Cambridge Immerse, and participants are expected to make their own provisions for lunch at various delicious eateries around Cambridge.

Other information: Students must be aged between 15-18 at the time of attendance in 2016. Students are expected to be fluent / near-fluent in English.



[three_fourth]Cambridge Immerse is a residential summer course consisting of outstanding academic classes, excellent skills workshops and exciting extracurricular activities in the historic university city of Cambridge. Cambridge Immerse runs in the following 2 week session:

Session 1: 24th July – 6th August 2016
Session 2: 7th August – 20th August 2016

We would be happy to assist you if you have any questions prior to booking your place. For the fastest response to your enquiry, please email: 




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